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MTG Proxy Cards Explained: Their Uses and Importance

In the realm of collectible card games, Magic The Gathering (MTG) stands as a towering figure, celebrated for its deep strategic gameplay, vibrant art, and active community of players. 

However, the game’s longevity and the rarity of some cards can pose challenges for players looking to compete at various levels or simply enjoy the game in a casual setting. 

This is where Magic the Gathering proxy cards, or simply MTG proxies, come into play. In this article, we’ll delve into what MTG proxies are, why they’re used, and how they’re created.

Understanding MTG Proxy Cards

An MTG proxy is essentially a stand-in for an official Magic The Gathering card. These proxies can range from simple, hand-drawn sketches on scraps of paper to high-quality, printed replicas that closely mimic the appearance of the original cards. The primary purpose of a proxy is to represent a card that a player may not own, cannot afford, or does not wish to use in casual play due to the risk of damage or loss.

Reasons for Using MTG Proxies


Some MTG cards, especially those from early editions or with limited print runs, can be prohibitively expensive. Proxies allow players to experience the game fully without investing large sums of money.

Accessibility and Inclusion

Proxies make the game more accessible to newcomers and casual players who might be discouraged by the high cost of competitive decks. This inclusivity helps to grow the community and keeps the game vibrant and engaging.

Playtesting and Strategy Development

Competitive players often use proxies to test new deck strategies without purchasing the actual cards. This approach allows for extensive experimentation and refinement of tactics, which is crucial for success in tournaments.

Preservation of Rare Cards

Using proxies in place of rare or valuable cards helps to preserve their condition, especially in environments that might lead to wear and tear, such as casual play sessions or high-stakes tournaments.

How to Print MTG Proxy Cards?

Creating MTG proxies involves a few steps, from choosing the right images to printing and cutting out the cards. Here’s a simplified process:

Image Selection: Players select high-resolution images of the MTG cards they wish to proxy. These images can be found through various online resources dedicated to the MTG community.
PrintingThe selected images are printed on cardstock or similar material to mimic the feel of real MTG cards. It’s important to ensure the print quality is high to maintain the readability of the card text and the vibrancy of the artwork.
Cutting and Sleeving: Once printed, the proxy cards are cut to match the size of standard MTG cards and are typically sleeved. Sleeving not only protects the proxy but also helps to maintain the illusion of a real card during gameplay.

Ethical Considerations and Community Guidelines

While the use of MTG proxies is widely accepted in casual play and playtesting scenarios, it’s important to understand the ethical considerations and community guidelines surrounding their use. 

Proxies are generally discouraged in official tournament play unless explicitly allowed by the event organizers. Moreover, selling or distributing proxies as genuine cards is illegal and undermines the integrity of the game and its community.


How can you tell a proxy MTG card?

Proxy MTG cards often have slight differences in color, texture, or font compared to genuine cards. They may also lack the specific light blue layer found in real Magic: The Gathering cards, which can be seen when inspecting the edge of the card.

Are proxy cards legal?

Proxy cards are not legal in official Magic: The Gathering tournaments. They are allowed in casual play settings, provided all players agree to their use.

Can you play MTG with proxy cards?

Yes, you can play MTG with proxy cards in casual, non-sanctioned games or playtesting environments, as long as all players involved agree to their use.


In conclusion, Magic the Gathering (MTG) proxies are a cost-effective and inclusive way for players to engage with the game. They bridge the gap between traditions and future possibilities, promoting shared experiences and bonds.

By adhering to ethical guidelines and community standards, MTG ensures its continued success, welcoming players of all levels to its enchanting world.

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