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Craft MTG Lore for $145k: Wizards & the Role of MTG Proxy

In the fascinating world of collectible card games, Magic: The Gathering (MTG) stands as a towering giant, captivating millions with its intricate gameplay and rich lore, including the use of MTG proxy cards. 

Wizards of the Coast, the mastermind behind this iconic game, has recently stirred the community with an exciting announcement. They are offering up to $145,000 for a Creative Text Designer for MTG cards. 

This move not only highlights the company’s commitment to maintaining the game’s high-quality content. The area opens a unique opportunity for those skilled in crafting the lore that makes MTG proxies come to life.

A New Chapter for MTG Proxy

For years, MTG proxies have been a staple in the community, allowing players to test decks or play with cards that are rare, expensive, or otherwise inaccessible. 

While Wizards of the Coast traditionally views actual proxies with caution, the term here symbolizes the ever-evolving and imaginative essence of MTG cards themselves.

The Creative Text Designer role signifies a pivotal point in MTG’s history. Where the blend of creativity and strategy reaches new heights, ensuring that each card. Whether an original or a print MTG proxy in spirit carries a story worth telling.

The Role: Beyond Words

The Creative Text Designer’s role extends far beyond mere wordplay. This position demands a deep understanding of MTG’s lore, mechanics, and community. 

The successful candidate will weave narratives that resonate with players, imbuing each card with a sense of purpose and place within the vast MTG universe. 

This unique blend of skills ensures that every MTG proxy and original card alike enriches the game’s mythology, engaging players in a narrative as deep and complex as the gameplay itself.

Crafting the Future with Every Card

Wizards of the Coast’s decision to invest significantly in this role underscores the importance of storytelling in MTG. 

As players shuffle their decks, whether filled with MTG proxies or treasured originals, they engage in a narrative ballet, with each card playing its part in the unfolding drama. 

The Creative Text Designer will be at the heart of this process, ensuring that the stories behind the cards are as compelling as the strategies they enable.

A Call to Arms for Creative Minds

This opportunity is not just a job opening; it’s a clarion call to those who have ever dreamed of shaping the lore of one of the world’s most beloved games. It’s a chance to be part of a legacy, contributing to the rich tapestry that makes MTG a game unlike any other. 

Whether you’re a seasoned writer, a lore aficionado, or someone who has crafted countless MTG proxies to bring your ideal deck to life, this role offers the chance to make your mark on the game’s future.


What is the salary for the Creative Text Designer role at Wizards of the Coast?

The salary for a Creative Text Designer role at Wizards of the Coast can range from $77,200 to $145,200 annually. This position is vital for creating engaging card content for the Magic: The Gathering Trading Card Game​

What does a Creative Text Designer for MTG cards do?

Crafts the lore and narratives for MTG cards, ensuring each card’s story enriches the game’s universe.

Do I need to be familiar with MTG to apply for the Creative Text Designer position?

Yes, a deep understanding of MTG’s lore, mechanics, and community is crucial.

How can I apply for the Creative Text Designer role at Wizards of the Coast?

Check Wizards of the Coast’s official careers page for application details and submission guidelines.


As Wizards of the Coast opens the doors to a new era of storytelling and creativity with this role, the future of MTG and its proxies looks brighter than ever. 

This is not just about creating text for cards but about forging. The legends that will be told and retold across tables worldwide. 

It’s an invitation to be at the forefront of a game that continues to evolve, challenge, and inspire. For those ready to take up the mantle, the journey begins with a print MTG proxy and leads to the heart of Magic: The Gathering itself.

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