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Print Proxy MTG: Smart Deck Testing Before Making Investments

In the strategic universe of Magic: The Gathering (MTG), testing your deck with print proxy cards offers a clever shortcut to mastery without the upfront investment. This innovative approach allows players to experiment with various strategies and card combinations, ensuring that every move is calculated and every card chosen is a step towards victory.

Players often face a tough choice. They spend a lot of money on cards that might not make their deck much better. Also, find cheaper ways to make their deck stronger without spending too much right away. This is when using MTG proxy cards can be helpful.

This comprehensive guide explores the benefits, considerations, and etiquette of using proxy cards for deck testing, offering players a financially savvy approach to refining their MTG decks.

The Benefits of Using Proxy Cards

  • Save Money: Proxy cards let you try out different cards without having to buy them first. This way, you can see if a card makes your deck stronger before you decide to spend your money on it.
  • Be Creative: With proxy cards, you can experiment with new deck ideas without worrying about the cost. This can help you come up with unique and fun strategies that you might not have tried otherwise.
  • Fair Play: If everyone in your group uses proxy cards, it can make games more fun and fair. This is because everyone gets to try playing with different cards, even if they don’t own them.

Considerations and Etiquette

Official Tournaments Don’t Allow Proxy Cards

Remember, you can’t use proxy cards in official Magic: The Gathering tournaments. They’re great for fun games with friends or when you’re trying out new deck ideas in private.

Talk About Using Proxy Cards First

Always chat with your friends or whoever you’re playing with about using proxy cards. Making sure everyone’s okay with it keeps the game fair and fun for everyone.

Make Proxy Cards Easy to Understand

When you make a proxy card, whether you’re writing it by hand or printing it out, make sure it’s clear and easy to recognize. Everyone should be able to tell what the card is supposed to be, so there’s no confusion during the game.

Creating Effective Proxy Cards

Even though you can just write a card’s name on a piece of paper to make a simple proxy, a lot of players like to make proxies that look more like the real thing. There are websites and software out there that let you print out images of cards. This way, you can make proxies that look almost exactly like the actual cards. Just remember, these should only be used legally not to sell or trick someone into thinking they’re real cards.


What are MTG proxy cards?

Proxy cards are stand-ins for actual Magic: The Gathering cards, allowing players to test decks without owning the real, often expensive, cards.

Is it legal to use proxy cards in MTG?

Yes, for casual play and deck testing within private groups. However, official tournaments do not allow proxy cards.

How do I make MTG proxy cards?

You can write the card details on a piece of paper or print out card images, making sure they’re clear and easy to identify during gameplay.

Why should I use proxy cards before buying expensive cards?

Using proxy cards allows you to experiment with different deck strategies and card combinations without the financial risk of buying expensive cards that may not enhance your deck’s performance.


Embracing print proxy MTG as a tool for smart deck testing illuminates the path to becoming a formidable opponent in the arena of Magic: The Gathering. By carefully selecting and testing proxies before making significant investments, players can craft a deck that is not only competitive but also a true reflection of their strategic prowess and creativity.

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