Custom playing Proxy Card

    MTG on demand high quality single sided proxy card meant for sleeve and deck testing or protecting high value card.  

Holographic sticker MTG style [Pack of 20]

    [PACK OF 20 - LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE] Incredible 0.7 micron thick holographic stickers. Unique design by PrintingProxies.com, ONLY available here. Stick it on your MTG proxy. (Best apply with tweezers) and you're all set ! This sticker is compatible with ANY proxy.

MTG Proxy Booster Pack

1 Pack of 100 sleeves for MTG cards

    • Perfect for all 66mm × 91mm standard size card sleeves
    • Sturdy & durable & light weight & soft peny card sleeves.
    • Made from acid free and non -PVC, polypropylene material to collect and protect all against grease, grime and liquids.
    • Organize, collect and protect all kinds of cards of standard size.

Exclusive EDH Deck box - Draw my style !

    • Fits 100 sleeved cards
    • Exclusive "Draw me" PrintingProxies.com's design
    • Great quality cardboard similar to EDH's deck pre-con's deck box.
    • Works with all 5 colors.
    • Hidden secret message somewhere on the box

Proxy Gift Card