Yes, is 100% legit and real.

  • They have been around for quite a while now, and shook the world of proxies with their entrance. They offer proxies of MTG (Magic The Gathering) and Pokemon, making them one of the most versatile proxy companies out there. The MTG proxies offered by the company use the original font, which is a very rare thing to find on proxy sites. Shipping is fast and includes a tracking number, and everything is made in house, meaning product quality control is the best it could possibly be. The goal of the company is long term work, fighting the ridiculous secondary market prices by offering great quality proxy cards on demand by offering any card front on a custom back. They are always here to help with high quality customer service as well, featuring fast replies and understanding approaches. Printingproxies is a real site and offers real products for a very real, low cost. 

Why is so affordable? produce their cards themselves,

allowing them to keep prices low as they don’t need to use a middle man. They have streamlined the process of making proxies for Magic: The Gathering and Pokemon. They also care more about the community than making money. makes all of their MTG proxies in house, meaning they do all of the work they need to and ship directly from their buildings. This lowers the need for extra operations or other companies, as they are self-reliant and can exist without the wait of others.'s REVIEWS

YOU CAN'T FAKE THOUSAND OF HAPPY CUSTOMERS. is backed by thousands of unfiltered reviews, available on their site and in the discord ( ).
These reviews are 100% created by the community and are not filtered whatsoever, so all opinions are out in the open. You can also find reviews of the site online, for more variety of opinion and input. Reviews made on the Discord can also be found on the website, which is on the front page of the main site and can be accessed either by scrolling down, or by clicking the review option at the top of the site. only uses real, legit reviews as well, made by the community. These reviews show hundreds upon hundreds of happy customers, most of which (if not all) offer pictures of their orders after they received them, allowing future customers to see what they will be getting as is. Since a vast majority of the reviews include pictures of their orders, customers can rest easy with their choice to use 

Can you trust ?

You can absolutely trust They have been in business for a long time, allowing them to rack up a positive reputation in the proxy community. They use very known methods of payments such as STRIPE and PAYPAL as well, for further protection. is the only company offering the front of any card on demand; some sites may offer high selling cards, or a limited selection, but makes their MTG proxies by the order, and so offer any card front on demand at any time. They are also run by people that interact with the community, and don’t hide behind any walls or masks.

Where is from?

THEY'RE NOT CHINESE RESELLER.’s distribution and shipping is in the USA. They are registered in a DMCA country for copyright reasons (so that they can make these proxies), Distribution being in the USA, it’s allowing fast shipping and quality products.
They may even be locals in your area, average people working to create a better secondary market for the community. We recommend staying away from potential scams, as there are many sites that have been reported as such, claiming to be resellers at incredibly low prices. Signs of sites like this include broken English, shifty prices that depend on the card rather than the quantity of cards, use of out of the way payment processes (such as only using Bitcoin), and fake reviews online. These parasitical sites wish only for money and could care less about the community, unlike who strives to offer legit, trusthworthy service.

Is a scam? is not a scam.

They have been in business for well over a year, and have proven themselves to the community to be trustworthy enough as a high quality proxy provider. The quality of the MTG proxies they provide speak for themselves, as well; the MTG proxies are printed on the very same cardstock that Wizards use, S33 German Black Core cardstock, which is also the best on the market. also offers excellent customer service whenever you need it, another sign of a good company. Reviews of the site average at 4.5/5 stars unfiltered. They have a Discord server with over 1000 community members, all of which can confirm the real-ness of the site. Most of these members are customers themselves, and so can speak from experience.