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MTG Proxies Honor: Sheldon Menery’s Charity Secret Lair

In a heartwarming tribute to the late Sheldon Menery, a legendary figure in the Magic: The Gathering (MTG proxies) community, Wizards of the Coast has unveiled a new charity Secret Lair. 

This initiative not only celebrates Sheldon’s indelible impact on the game but also offers fans a unique way to engage with their passion through print MTG proxy cards, blending collectibility with charity.

A Tribute Through Time: MTG Proxies Remember Sheldon Menery

Magic: The Gathering proxies have long served as a means for players to test new decks and strategies without the need for original, often expensive, cards.

In this spirit, the latest Secret Lair release allows fans to honor Sheldon Menery’s legacy by acquiring MTG proxies. It symbolizes his contributions to the game, particularly his advocacy for inclusive and fun gameplay.

Through the creation and distribution of MTG proxies as part of a charity Secret Lair, Wizards of the Coast not only commemorates Sheldon’s indelible legacy. However, it also highlights the enduring connection between the game’s history and its future.

The Impact of MTG Proxies: Beyond the Game

MTG proxies are more than just placeholders; they are a testament to the game’s evolving nature and its community’s creativity. 

By incorporating MTG proxies into this charitable endeavor, Wizards of the Coast underscores the importance of accessibility and remembrance. Each card in the Secret Lair mirrors Sheldon’s vision for Magic: 

The Gathering—a game where everyone is welcome, and every match tells a story. Their influence permeates not only the strategies and dynamics of gameplay but also fosters a more inclusive and united player base.

Collecting with a Cause: The Charity Behind the MTG Proxies

Proceeds from this special Secret Lair edition will support a cause close to Sheldon Menery’s heart, further cementing his legacy within the MTG community.

This approach enhances the value of each MTG proxy. It also transforms them into vessels of goodwill, extending Sheldon’s influence beyond the realms of gameplay into real-world impact. 

The advent of charity-driven MTG proxies enriches the game’s collectible aspect. It also infuses it with a deeper sense of purpose. This demonstrates how a shared hobby can make significant contributions to broader societal causes. 


Who was Sheldon Menery and why is there a Secret Lair dedicated to him?

He was a prominent figure in the MTG community, recognized for his role in popularizing the Commander format and his advocacy for inclusivity and positive gaming environments. The Secret Lair is dedicated to him as a tribute to his lasting impact on the game and its community.

What cards are included in “Sheldon’s Spellbook”?

The collection includes a selection of Sheldon’s favorite Magic: The Gathering cards, featuring both non-foil and rainbow foil editions. Specific cards included in the collection are Teferi’s Protection, Eladamri’s Vineyard, Bene Supremo, Inkshield, Ruhan of the Fomori as “Sheldon, the Commander,” Sol Ring, and Command Tower.

How much of the proceeds from “Sheldon’s Spellbook” will go to charity?

“Sheldon’s Spellbook” will be sold for $50, with 50% of the revenues going to the American Cancer Society.


The introduction of a brand-new charitable endeavor called Secret Lair. This marks a special coming together of play, charity, and memory.

Through the strategic use of MTG proxies, it offers players a meaningful way to participate. 

As collectors and players alike embrace these print MTG proxy cards, they carry forward a legacy of joy, community, and philanthropy. It ensures that Sheldon Menery’s spirit remains vibrant in the hearts of the MTG community.

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