Blank Tokens – 20 Dry Erase Token – Playing card game

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Introducing ‘Blank Tokens”, our pack of 20 Dry Erase Tokens, specially designed for Magic: The Gathering players.

Each token is double-sided, featuring a regular frame and a power/toughness frame, allowing for quick adaptability. These infinitely reusable tokens offer unparalleled convenience during gameplay. With the most token cards for the price compared to any competitor, our pack provides unbeatable value. Crafted from durable laminated cardstock materials, these compact and lightweight tokens are built to withstand intense gaming sessions. Upgrade your MTG experience today with our pack of  cardstock double sided laminated 20 Dry Erase Tokens!



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-2024-04-18 14:57:05

These were a wonderful surprise and a lot of fun! At first just thought that they would be a good way of slimming down the number of tokens I bring to game night. Then we started getting wild with what some of us drew... lol needless to say adults can have some crazy fun with these! Draw what you wish! Need a 1/1 goblin? Who says you can't draw it to look a bit like the blue players mum? Red player being a bit of a Prick? Well maybe your 3/3 elephant slightly resembles his girlfriend. Go Nuts and Have Fun with it!

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