Frequently Asked Questions

SOON ! You will be able to make ANY card of your choice (even custom cards) foil, ON DEMAND. It doesn’t really get better than this… Foil cards will come with a surcharge of $2 to $3 per card and a minimum of 5 cards per order.

Yes we do ! When placing a proxy order you can either insert the name of the card you’re looking for, or, you can upload your own card. We will print it at the highest quality available at the same exact cost as though you were ordering a regular proxy !

Double sided cards come as ONE card printed on BOTH sides ! We’re now automatically offering double sided cards to all order.
Uploading your own card also works with double sided card (press Upload Back once you’ve uploaded your front card first).

Amazing ! I mean have you see the 100s of uncensored reviews on our discord ?
They resemble original MTG cards very closely, They are smooth and thick. They shuffle as good as the original cards and once sleeved, there are virtually little to differences in feeling.
The quality depend on the visual you pick, or the quality of the upload you send.
No where you will find proxies with holographic stickers applied to them, so we decided to also offer those as a separated item (For legal reasons) !

It’s pretty fast !  We print and prepare all processing orders every mornings, then we get them shipped out the same day or the following one. Some order might requires reprints, pushing it to the following morning. We do not print/produce during the weekend.
Shipping time will take between 2 to 5 working days depending if you’re on the WEST (2 days) coast or EAST (4 days) coast. This is an approximate time frame, in the end, it’s all about USPS’s will to do their job.
We do not offer faster shipping yet.

Your order is custom made and created on demand for you, so cancellations are not possible once your order has started. You can always cancel your order if you contact us with in 1-3h after placing your order and the status of your order is not “printed” or “completed”. Since the orders are made on demand, we do not accept returns under any circumstances unless you’ve receive the wrong order. If something is wrong, contact us, we will do our best to adjust and make it right. Cards are well packed and out of our responsibility once shipped. If you are not satisfied with your order, please provide us with your reason for dissatisfaction (include pictures) and, if justified we will offer you a discount or a coupon for your next order.