The Complete Guide to MTG Proxy Cards

In the world of Magic the Gathering, MTG Proxy cards are stand-in cards that you can use instead to as ‘proxy’ cards because they act as a substitute for the ‘real’ card (or in this case, the actual card with artwork). In tournament settings, players are not allowed to play with any sort of proxy cards. They must use real Magic cards or risk being disqualified. Outside of tournaments and competitive play, proxy cards provide an affordable alternative while you build your collection. You can also use them to personalize your deck and make it stand out from others.

What is a Mtg Proxy Card

A ‘proxy card’ is a stand-in for a real Magic card. When you proxy a card, you’re basically taking a card out that you don’t have and replacing it with another card that looks and functions the same way. Since the card you’re using is not the real thing, it won’t have the same artwork. Artwork is what gives each card a ‘flavor’ and charm. Each card has its own unique artwork that features a spell, creature, god, or whatever the card represents. If you proxy a card, you’ll be using a substitute card that may or may not have the same rules text or mana cost as the original card. You have to be careful when proxying cards because not all of them will have the same rules or cost.

Why play with Proxy Cards?

The main reasons why players choose to use proxy cards are cost, availability, and personalization. Secondary market being incredibly inflated with cards costing from 10$ to 1000$ making proxy the best solution to PLAY the game.

If you’re just starting out with Magic and don’t have a large collection yet, you might not be able to play with all of the cards you’d like to. You could try trading for the cards you need, but that can be a lengthy and sometimes frustrating process. Using MTG Proxy can improve your experience as a newer player since you’re still able to play with the cards you want, but you don’t have to worry about trading or spending a bunch of money on the real cards. Proxy cards are also useful if you have a lot of cards, but your friends don’t. You might have a deck that requires 10 different rare cards that your friends don’t have. You can use proxy cards to get around this and still play with your friends.

Mtg Proxy Cards

Are MTG Proxies Legal?

The short answer to this question is “It’s complicated.” While technically, you can use proxy cards in casual and friendly games, you can’t use them in any official tournaments. Decks must be 100% real cards with no proxies allowed. Tournament rules vary from country to country. In the United States, you can play with proxies as long as it is only for “friendly” games. In these games, there is no entry fee, no prizes, and no tournament rules. Basically, it is just a casual game among friends. In other countries, like Australia, proxy rules vary. In Australia, you can play with proxies as long as it is not for money or prizes. You can also play with your friends and other casual tournament players.


How To Make High Quality Proxies Mtg

If you’re looking for proxy cards, there are a few things you can do to ensure they’re as high quality as possible. Depending on what you’re looking to proxy, you may need to alter the cards in a few ways. Some cards may need to be altered so that they don’t have the real card printed on the back (they’ll be blank). Other cards may need to be altered so that they match the real card in terms of rules and/or mana cost. Here are a few general tips for making proxies: – Use a pen that is dark enough so that it doesn’t show through the paper. – Make sure you’re using the correct template for whatever card you’re trying to make a proxy for. – Use the correct card size so that the proxy looks identical to the real card.


Is Playing with Proxy Cards Worth It?

If you’re just starting out, playing with proxy cards can be a great way to build up your collection. You can proxy almost any card and use it in your deck. While it might not be as effective as playing with the real thing, using proxies is a great way to play with cards you don’t own yet. – If you’re playing in a casual or friendly game, you don’t have to worry about your deck being less effective without real cards. – If you’re playing in tournaments or competitive settings, however, you’ll want to make sure that you’re following the rules and that you’re not proxying cards. Using real cards is always better than using proxies.


Where to Find and Buy Proxy Cards

There are plenty of places to buy mtg proxy cards. Most of the cards you’ll find are clean, but you can also find some that have markings from other cards. If you’re looking for high-quality cards that look clean, you can check out various online card printing websites. Some sites will let you create your own cards, while others will have premade cards. If you’re looking for premade proxy cards, you can check out websites like – 


You Should Always Ask About Mtg Proxy Before Buying It

As a general rule, you should always ask about proxy cards before you buy them. You should know exactly what the cards are, what they look like, and what they do. If you’re buying proxies off of a website, read the description and make sure that you fully understand what the cards are and what they do. Even if you’re playing a casual game, it’s important to know what cards you’re playing and what they do. You should also ask about the quality of the cards. Most of the cards you find will be clean, but some might be marked up and/or stained. Make sure you know what you’re buying and that you’re happy with it.

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