Remote magic made easy. Simple as that.

SpellTable  was first introduced in April 2020  after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.
As a result of the pandemic, many states, cities, and countries implemented stay-at-home orders which forced many local games stores to close their doors to contain the spread. Since playing Magic: The Gathering was untenable to play in an in-person environment, a solution was soon created to ensure players can still play the game : SpellTable !

And we love it ! It’s easy to use, proxy friendly and offer many hidden tools we will talk about.

This is a game of EDH commander being played on SpellTable.

SpellTable stepped up to provide a way for Commander players to form four-player pods and continue playing Magic: The Gathering by using a webcam.
If you do not have a webcam, the website recently implemented the possibility to use your phone directly as a webcam by the use of a QR code. Smart !

It proved extremely popular and continued to add features to streamline the gaming experience. 
When playing on SpellTable you’re able to clic on any cards directly on the video and the website will immediatly display that card information on the right.

Allowing you to keep proper track of what’s going on.
It offer a life tracker, commander damage tracker, monarch tracker and a few more key tools needed to play MTG.

Overall we really like this plate-form and suggest you give it a try.
Proxies works greate on SpellTable, and ours are 100% recognized by them.

Have fun !