The advantage of proxying cards!

Not sure if you should Proxy MTG cards ? Is it legal ? No worries! We’re here to help shed some lights on the topic.

First. PROXY aren’t illegal to buy, print or make. As long as you use them in a casual setting, like at home, with your friends, or at your LGS etc…
Just, don’t sell them trying to pass them for real cards. That would be wrong!

Here are five ideas on how MTG proxy can be helpful in your casual Magic: The Gathering play at home:

  1. Deck Testing and Tuning: Proxies allow you to try out new deck ideas and card combinations without committing to purchasing expensive or hard-to-find cards upfront. This way, you can refine your deck before investing in the actual cards that work best for your strategy.

  2. Accessible and Inclusive Play: Not everyone may have access to rare or older cards due to their scarcity and cost. Proxies level the playing field, ensuring that everyone can experiment with different cards and play on an equal footing.

  3. Custom Cards and Themes: With proxies, you can design custom cards or experiment with theme decks that might not exist in official sets. It adds a fun and creative element to your games, making each play session unique and exciting.

  4. Introduction to New Sets: Proxies can be used to simulate cards from the latest sets before they are officially released. It allows players to get a feel for new mechanics and strategies, generating anticipation for upcoming expansions.

  5. Preserving Card Condition: If you own valuable or sentimental cards, using proxies can help protect them from wear and tear during casual play. You can keep your treasured cards safe while enjoying the game with printed proxies.

Remember to communicate openly with your friends about the use of proxies and ensure that everyone is comfortable with this approach.
You know, some players like to win because they can afford it 😉

Casual play is all about having fun, and proxies can be a valuable tool to enhance your gaming experience at home!