MTG proxies – What are Proxies and Where Can You Use them?

If you’re new to Magic: The Gathering, or are perhaps just looking for a less expensive way to get your fix, you might be interested in purchasing Proxy cards. MTG Proxy are printed copies of real Magic cards that can be used instead of the real thing in tournaments or casual games. Making proxy cards is a fun hobby that doesn’t cost much money and can even help improve your game by forcing you to think about card strategies. Read on to learn more about how to buy proxy cards.

What is a Proxy Card?

Proxy cards are printed copies of real Magic cards that can be used instead of the real thing in tournaments or casual games. They’re used by players who can’t afford the real versions of the cards due to cost or other issues, or by players who just want to experiment with new deck types without breaking the bank. If you’re reading this article, you likely don’t have issues getting real cards. Instead, proxy cards are an excellent way to save money while still being able to play. This is especially helpful for players who are new to the game, as it’s not uncommon for people to go “card crazy” and buy a ton of expensive cards only to later realize that Magic isn’t for them.

Getting Started

If you want to create your own proxy cards, you’ll need access to a printer and some card-sized paper. If you have access to a printer at work, you can probably print proxy cards there. If not, you can find a print shop that will print for you for about $1.00 per page. Be aware that you may have to pay extra for card-sized paper, though. Even if you don’t want to make your own proxy cards, you can still buy pre-made proxies online. You can Buy MTG PROXY Cards online that offer pre-made proxy cards. One thing to remember when making or buying proxy cards is to use card backs unless you want to use them in a tournament. While tournament organizers will usually allow you to use proxy cards with the wrong backs in casual games, they won’t let you do it in tournaments.

How to Create Your Own Proxy Cards

There are a few different options for creating your own proxy cards. The method you choose will depend on how much time and money you want to invest. Marked Cards – This is the cheapest option, but it’s also the most time-consuming. You’ll need a pen or marker with a colour that can’t be seen when the cards are in sleeves. Marking cards this way is great for casual games but isn’t allowed in tournaments. Printed Cards – This is the most expensive option when done professionally, but it’s also the easiest. With a high-quality colour printer, you can make as many cards as you want with the click of a button. Scanned Cards – If you don’t have access to a colour printer, this is the next best thing. You’ll need to find a scanner that’s big enough to take cards. You can then either print them out on regular paper or download an app that allows you to send them to your phone.

Where to Find Printable Proxy Cards

As mentioned above, you can find a ton of website that where you can Buy MTG Proxy cards online. While most of them require a small fee, others can be downloaded for free. The site often has cards for Standard-legal cards. Others have cards for older sets. Just keep in mind that the cards on these sites are often not perfect recreations of the real cards, although some are much closer than others. There are also a few sites that let you create your own proxies. This can be a great option if you have a ton of old cards that you’d like to turn into proxies.