Magic of Mana: Guide to Understanding Mana in MTG


Magic: The Gathering (MTG) is a complex game with many elements, but the most crucial one is mana. Understanding how to use and manage mana can be the difference between winning and losing. Mana is the fuel that powers your spells, creatures, and other abilities. Without mana, you can’t cast spells or summon creatures, making it an essential aspect of gameplay.

This guide will focus on four topics related to mana: Mana Echoes, Sheoldred the Apocalypse, Double Mana, and the Most Expensive Magic Card in MTG. Each section will provide a detailed overview of the topic, its history, notable features, and strategies for gameplay.

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Mana Echoes

Mana Echoes is an enchantment card that provides mana every time a creature enters the battlefield under a player’s control. The mana produced by Mana Echoes can be of any color, and the amount is equal to the creature’s converted mana cost. This card is particularly useful in creature-heavy decks, where it can generate large amounts of mana quickly.

Notable decks that use Mana Echoes include Goblin tribal decks, Elf tribal decks, and Sliver tribal decks. These decks rely on creature synergy to produce powerful effects, and Mana Echoes can provide the necessary mana to activate those effects.

Strategies for using Mana Echoes include using cards that generate multiple creature tokens or have enter-the-battlefield effects, as these cards will trigger Mana Echoes multiple times. Additionally, players can use cards that have a high converted mana cost to generate a large amount of mana with each trigger of Mana Echoes.

Sheoldred the Apocalypse

Sheoldred the Apocalypse is a legendary creature card that can bring creatures back from the graveyard and put opponents’ creatures into the graveyard. When Sheoldred enters the battlefield, a player can choose a creature card from their graveyard and return it to the battlefield under their control. At the beginning of each opponent’s upkeep, that player must choose a creature in their graveyard and put it into the graveyard.

Sheoldred is a powerful card in decks that focus on graveyard recursion or creature sacrifice. Notable decks that use Sheoldred include Black-Green Sacrifice decks and Black-Blue Reanimator decks.

Strategies for using Sheoldred include using cards that can sacrifice creatures for a benefit or cards that can return creatures from the graveyard to the battlefield. Additionally, players can use cards that can force opponents to discard creatures, such as Thoughtseize or Duress, to fill up their graveyard with potential targets for Sheoldred.

Double Mana

Double Mana refers to cards that produce two mana instead of one. These cards are particularly useful in decks that require a large amount of mana to cast spells or activate abilities. Notable cards that produce Double Mana include Dark Ritual, Lotus Petal, and Sol Ring.

Strategies for using Double Mana include using cards with a high converted mana cost, as these cards will require a large amount of mana to cast. Additionally, players can use cards that reduce the cost of spells, such as Goblin Electromancer or Baral, Chief of Compliance, to further maximize the value of Double Mana cards.

The Most Expensive Magic Card

The Most Expensive Magic Card is the Black Lotus, a rare card from the game’s first edition that can produce three mana of any color. The Black Lotus is one of the most sought-after cards in the game, with some versions selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Strategies for obtaining the Black Lotus are limited, as the card is incredibly rare and valuable. Players can try to acquire the card through auctions, trades, or purchasing it from a collector. However, it is important to note that the Black Lotus is not necessary for successful gameplay and that there are many other viable cards available at a lower cost.

Comparing the Four Topics

Each of the four topics covered in this guide provides a unique benefit to gameplay and can be used in different strategies and deck archetypes. Mana Echoes is particularly useful in creature-heavy tribal decks, while Sheoldred the Apocalypse is a powerful tool for graveyard recursion and creature sacrifice. Double Mana cards are essential for decks that require a lot of mana to cast spells, and the Black Lotus is a rare and valuable card that provides a lot of mana.

In terms of which topic is the most valuable in gameplay, it ultimately depends on the deck and strategy being used. Mana Echoes and Sheoldred the Apocalypse are more niche cards that work well in specific decks, while Double Mana cards are more widely applicable. The Black Lotus is a unique case due to its rarity and high cost, but it is not essential for successful gameplay.


Understanding mana and its importance in MTG is essential for successful gameplay. Mana Echoes, Sheoldred the Apocalypse, Double Mana, and the Black Lotus are just a few examples of the many ways that mana can be utilized in the game. By experimenting with different strategies and deck builds, players can maximize the potential of their mana resources and become skilled MTG players.


What is mana in MTG?

Mana is the resource used to cast spells and activate abilities in Magic: The Gathering. It comes in five colors – white, blue, black, red, and green – and can also be colorless.

How do you generate mana in MTG?

Mana is generated by tapping lands or other cards that produce mana. Each basic land produces one mana of its corresponding color (Plains produce white mana, Islands produce blue mana, etc.), while nonbasic lands and other cards can produce mana of various colors or colorless mana.

What is a mana pool in MTG?

A mana pool is the temporary storage area for mana that has been generated but not yet used to cast spells or activate abilities. Mana remains in the mana pool until it is used or until the current step or phase of the turn ends.

Can you use mana of any color to cast a spell in MTG?

No, spells and abilities require mana of specific colors or colorless mana to be cast or activated. For example, a spell that costs two red mana can only be cast using two sources of red mana.

Can you use colorless mana to pay for colored mana costs in MTG?

Yes, colorless mana can be used to pay for any part of a spell or ability’s cost, including colored mana costs. For example, a spell that costs two red mana could be cast using one red mana and one colorless mana.

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