Guide to Elspeth, Fetch Lands, Gaea’s Cradle, Invoke Prejudice MTG & Jeweled Lotus

Magic: The Gathering is a popular collectible card game that has been around since 1993. Over the years, the game has seen countless expansions and new card releases, each adding their own unique elements to the game. In this comprehensive guide, we will take a closer look at some of the most popular and powerful cards in the game, including Elspeth, Fetch Lands, Gaea’s Cradle, Invoke Prejudice MTG, and Jeweled Lotus. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just getting started, this guide will provide you with everything you need to know about these powerful MTG proxy cards.

Fetch Lands

What is Elspeth?

Elspeth is a planeswalker card that has been a fan-favorite since her introduction in 2011. She is a powerful white mage who specializes in creating tokens, boosting the power of creatures, and gaining life. Elspeth’s abilities make her a popular choice for both casual and competitive players alike. Some of her most notable abilities include:

  • +1: Create three 1/1 white Soldier creature tokens.
  • -2: Target creature gets +3/+3 and gains flying until end of turn.
  • -5: Destroy all other permanents except for lands and tokens.

What are Fetch Lands?

Fetch lands are a type of land card that was first introduced in the Onslaught expansion in 2002. They are among the most sought-after cards in the game, and for good reason. Fetch lands allow players to search their deck for a specific land card and put it into play, making them incredibly powerful and versatile. Some of the most popular fetch lands include:

  • Arid Mesa
  • Bloodstained Mire
  • Marsh Flats
  • Scalding Tarn
  • Verdant Catacombs

What is Gaea’s Cradle?

Gaea’s Cradle is a legendary land card that was first introduced in the Urza’s Saga expansion in 1998. It is one of the most powerful land cards in the game and is a favorite among competitive players. When Gaea’s Cradle enters the battlefield, it produces one green mana for each creature you control. This makes it incredibly powerful in creature-heavy decks, allowing players to quickly generate large amounts of mana.

What is Invoke Prejudice MTG?

Invoke Prejudice MTG is a controversial card that was first introduced in the Legends expansion in 1994. The card has a deeply troubling history due to its artwork and name, which have been widely criticized as being racist and offensive. Despite this, the card has remained a popular choice among some players due to its powerful abilities. Invoke Prejudice allows players to counter spells played by opponents with creatures that share a color with the spell’s mana cost.

What is Jeweled Lotus?

Jeweled Lotus is a powerful artifact card that was first introduced in the Commander Legends expansion in 2020. It is an incredibly valuable card due to its ability to generate a large amount of mana in the early game. When Jeweled Lotus enters the battlefield, its controller can tap it to add three mana of any one color to their mana pool. This makes it an incredibly powerful card for decks that rely on early game mana ramp.

The Value of Gaea’s Cradle

As one of the most powerful and sought-after cards in Magic: The Gathering, Gaea’s Cradle is also one of the most valuable. The card has seen multiple printings, with the original Urza’s Saga version being the most valuable and sought-after. As of the time of writing, a Near Mint copy of Gaea’s Cradle from Urza’s Saga can sell for over $1,500. Other versions of the card, such as the Judge promo or the Ultimate Masters reprint, are also valuable but not as expensive as the original printing.

Using Gaea’s Cradle in Your Deck

If you’re lucky enough to have a Gaea’s Cradle in your collection, then you may be wondering how to use it in your decks. There are many different strategies that can take advantage of Gaea’s Cradle’s mana-generating abilities.

One popular strategy is to use Gaea’s Cradle in a creature-based ramp deck. This type of deck focuses on playing lots of small creatures early in the game and then using Gaea’s Cradle to generate enough mana to play big creatures later on. This can be a powerful strategy, as it allows you to overwhelm your opponents with large creatures while still having mana available to activate powerful abilities.

Another strategy is to use Gaea’s Cradle in a combo deck. Combo decks focus on assembling specific combinations of cards that can win the game in one turn. Gaea’s Cradle can be used in these decks to generate the necessary mana to cast multiple spells in one turn and activate powerful abilities.

The Powerhouse of Land Cards

If you’re an avid Magic: The Gathering player, then you probably know how important land cards are. They provide the necessary mana to cast spells and creatures, and can often make or break a game. One of the most coveted and powerful land cards in the game is Gaea’s Cradle, which is known for its immense mana-generating abilities.


Gaea’s Cradle is a powerful and valuable land card in Magic: The Gathering. Its ability to generate massive amounts of mana based on the number of creatures you control makes it a staple in many different decks. Whether you’re using it in a ramp deck or a combo deck, Gaea’s Cradle is sure to help you cast powerful spells and win games. If you’re looking to add Gaea’s Cradle to your collection, be prepared to spend a pretty The power of Gaea’s Cradle has made it a staple in many different decks, from ramp and combo decks to aggro and midrange decks. Its ability to generate massive amounts of mana can be used to cast big creatures, play multiple spells in a turn, or activate powerful abilities on creatures and artifacts.


Are these cards legal in all formats?

No, each card is legal in different formats. It is important to check the legality of each card before including it in a deck.

Are these cards expensive?

Yes, some of these cards can be very expensive due to their rarity Gaea’s Cradle: 

What is Gaea’s Cradle?

Gaea’s Cradle is a legendary land card from the Urza’s Saga expansion set of Magic: The Gathering. It was first printed in 1998 and has since become one of the most popular and valuable cards in the game. The card’s artwork depicts a massive tree in the middle of a forest, and its flavor text reads, “From a tiny sprout, the mighty oak grows.”

What makes Gaea’s Cradle so powerful?

Gaea’s Cradle is unique in that it generates mana based on the number of creatures you control. For each creature you control, Gaea’s Cradle produces one green mana. This means that if you have a board full of creatures, you can generate an enormous amount of mana in just one turn. Additionally, Gaea’s Cradle taps for mana immediately, which means you can use the mana it generates right away

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