100 TCG Sleeves for Standard Size Cards

  • 64mm X 89mm standard trading card PERFECT for our proxies.
  • Each sleeve holds one card. They add extra protection from dust, water, and figure prints and scratches.
  • Acid-free, works with double sleeving too
  • Extra free 5 sleeves added to each pack ! 

MTG PROXY BOOSTER - 16 cards !​

We’ve gathered the rarest and most expensive proxy cards in the entire MTG World and created these amazing Proxy Booster Packs.
Open this booster pack and discover a truly unmatched experience. Pull the cards you wish you could pull normally.
Spice up your draft game and add a MTG PROXY BOOSTER pack!

20 Holographic oval stickers [LIMITED EDITION]

  • MTG style 0.7 micron thick 
  • Keep player’s attention to the game, not the card.
  • Limited stock. Don’t miss out.
  • Works on ANY proxy card

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