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5 YouTube Channels for MTG Fans: Insights on MTG Proxy Cards

In the diverse universe of Magic, MTG proxy cards hold a unique place, offering players a way to enjoy the game without breaking the bank. For enthusiasts seeking deeper insights and creative ideas, YouTube has become a treasure trove of resources. Here are five channels that stand out for their valuable content on MTG proxy cards, providing both novices and seasoned players with the knowledge and inspiration they need.

1. Tolarian Community College

Tolarian Community College is a cornerstone of the MTG YouTube community. Led by The Professor, this channel offers everything from product reviews and deck boxes to guides on creating your MTG proxies. If you’re looking to dive deeper into the MTG world while ensuring you get the best advice on proxies, this is your go-to channel.

2. Command Zone

Focusing on the Commander format, Command Zone is an excellent resource for players at all levels. They provide high-quality content, including game analysis, deck techs, and strategy guides. Their videos often touch upon the use of MTG proxies in casual play, offering insights on how to enhance your Commander experience without breaking the bank.

3. MTG Goldfish

MTG Goldfish is renowned for its meta-analysis, deck guides, and strategy content. They also occasionally delve into the world of MTG proxies, discussing their impact on the game and how they can be used responsibly in casual play. For those looking to understand the current MTG landscape and how proxies fit into it, MTG Goldfish offers a wealth of knowledge.

4. PleasantKenobi

PleasantKenobi stands out for his entertaining and informative content. He explores various aspects of Magic: The Gathering, including gameplay, deck techs, and the culture surrounding MTG proxies. His lighthearted approach makes complex topics accessible and enjoyable for viewers of all levels.

5. MTG Young Mage

MTG Young Mage is a channel dedicated to younger players but offers content that players of all ages can appreciate. From tutorials on how to print MTG proxies to basic strategies and game etiquette, this channel provides a solid foundation for new players entering the game.


Why follow YouTube channels about Magic: The Gathering?

To gain strategies, deck-building tips, game updates, and connect with the MTG community.

What content do these MTG YouTube channels offer?

Gameplay strategies, deck techs, set reviews, tutorials, and game culture discussions.

Are these channels good for all levels of players?

Yes, they provide content for both beginners and experienced players.

How often do these channels post new content?

Most post weekly or bi-weekly, with frequency increasing during major MTG events or set releases.


These five YouTube channels offer a gateway to mastering the art and strategy of MTG proxy cards, blending entertainment with education. Whether you’re looking to refine your deck-building skills or just appreciate the creative aspects of the game, these creators share their passion and expertise, helping to grow the MTG community. Dive into their content and discover new ways to enhance your MTG experience with proxy cards.

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