(2) Gage Wright

note:I appreciate the high quality printing on these!
note:Thanks for making high power Commander decks more accessible for casual players!
(2) Jacob Zimmerman

note:I previously emailed about this, I forgot some items, can this order be added to my order # 4619 I placed today? Please Thank You Love this site!
note:Thanks a lot I love playing with cards I can afford!
(2) Brandon Barba

note:Forgot an Aetherflux, sad i have to pay shipping twice though.
note:My playgroup and I are buying this deck as a scout to see if we should buy more decks from you, so make 'em great!
(2) Logan Reifle

note:Thank you for the tech support and coupon code to resolve/re-order the messed up cards! Best customer service, and I cant wait to try out the proxy packs.
note:Cant wait to have some P9 for my canadian highlander/play with friends. Such a cool service!
(2) Noe Gumbert

note:Please add this cards to the other order i made today. Im so happy looking forward seeing the nice cards. Is it possible to refund the shippment cost of the second order, because i already paid it before ? Lg Noe
note:Was rly nice to make the Cardlist on these website. Lg Noe
(1) Jason Allmen

note:Super excited to test this out! I keep getting infinite combo'd to death by my playgroup, but since proxies are now allowed maybe i can stand a chance 🙂
(3) Luke Potter

note:Thank you nice folks!
note:Thank you for all you do. This card will be very special for my wife and I
note:Thank you for making this custom card. We had to put our boy to sleep and I made this card in his memory. Its awesome I'm able to get it printed on a card. Its very special. Thank you
(2) Chris Phipps

note:I appreciate the chance to have Bunny Don!!
note:Thank you for FOXGIRLS ^_^
(2) Zach Russell

note:Thanks for helping me create multiple decks at once
note:Thanks for not having me spend thousands for one deck
(2) Nicholas Brust

note:Thank you!
note:Thanks! Recommended via Reddit
(2) Keenan Christensen

note:Very Fun to Open
note:Honestly... F--- WotC.
(1) Andrew King

note:thanks for the cards!
(1) Charles Turner

note:Thanks for having this site. This makes this game so much more approachable. You are appreciated.